Can cats eat cereal?

I hear a lot of cat owners asking vets and on online forums what to best feed their cats. I’ve seen questions like can cats eat cereal or can cats eat cornflakes?

Okay, I get that cats are lovable. That’s why when it comes to caring for cats, most of us tend to overdo it. I mean, what better to spoil your cat than with food.

Many cat owners (myself included) tend to indulge their cats now and then. When your feline companion comes around while you’re trying to get a bowl of cereal, you most likely will feel the need to give him or her some as well.

However, there are some valid questions we should yet answer: Is cereal safe for cats? Is cereal good for cats? All these questions and more we’ll look into in detail in this article. Then wrap it all with some ideas on what you should and shouldn’t feed your cats.

Can cats eat cereal?

Can cats eat cereal? Is a question of possibility. Hence, the answer is yes. Cats can eat cereal. But should they be eating cereals? That’s a no!

I know now and then, cats can go to the extreme to get a taste of whatever you’re eating. And if it happens to be Rice Krispies cereal you’re taking (my personal story), you just can’t resist. Seeing the cute furry face besides, one just can’t but give in a lick or two.

But, if it’s not so good for them, then why can they eat it? Why can cats eat cereal? Well, it’s not news that cats are curious creatures and they like to try just about anything in their mouth.

Your primary concern as a cat owner should be your cat’s health. So, even if cats can eat cereals, you shouldn’t make a habit of feeding them. Talk less of going as far as replacing primary cat food with any type of cereal.

Is Cereal safe for cats?

As much as cereals aren’t toxic to cats, consuming them in large quantities or as a substitute for healthy cat food is not safe for your cat. Sure, an occasional nibble or lick won’t kill your cat.

What isn’t safe for your cat is making a habit of finishing your morning bowl of cereal daily. All that would do for your cat is give it extra calories it doesn’t need. This often leads to obesity or kidney problems in cats.

I know you love your cereal and it looks so much like cat food. But trust me, grain-based food only contains nutrients beneficial to you and not your feline friend.

You must note that sugar and other food high in calories are not appropriate for carnivorous pets like cats. The essential nutrients cats need come from animal protein. Several complications like diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, liver and kidney problems are associated with high sugar intake in cats.

Is Cereal Good for cats?

No doubt, by now you should know that cereals are not good for your cats. But there’s a need that I should explain why cereals aren’t good for cats.

First, good food for your cat means something that has high nutritional value for them. Like I pointed out before now, what cats need in their food is protein. And that’s what their gut is made to digest.

So, if you think because fiber from grain-based food helps humans digest food better it would mean something for cats also, then you’re wrong.

Simply out, cereals have nothing to offer cats. If your cat happens to eat it, it’s just for fun. The cereal would in no way do your feline any good. If you want your cat to stay happy and healthy, then you should feed him or her good and healthy cat food always.

Is Cereal Bad for cats?

Yes, cereal is bad for cats. Especially when you feed cereals to your cat constantly and as a major diet. That’s very bad for the furry little guys. Cats belong to a class of animals called obligate carnivores. What this designation simply means is that they get all their nutrients from animal sources majorly meat.

Cats evolved to get their vegetable needs from the guy of their prey. If you’re wondering how to meet your cat’s fiber needs, you should resort to cat grass and safe herbs formulated by vet nutritionists. Next time your furry little friend snuggles up to you for a taste of your cereal, you can give it some of those to nibble.

Let’s talk about the harm feeding on too many cereals can cause for your cat. So, cats need taurine, an essential nutrient derived from protein-based meat products. Feeding your cat cereals can lead to taurine insufficiency which may result in blindness or death of your cat buddies. I’m sure no one wants that for their pets.

It doesn’t stop there though, feeding cats with excess cereals and sugar has many other health complications it can lead to for them.

One of the most immediate effects that come off feeding cats cereals is excessive sugar accumulation in the stomach. Yeah, that might not sound so serious. But you should know that excess sugar can result in several conditions, most of which can be lethal to your cat.

Excess sugar in a feline stomach can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. The panic that comes with situations like this alone should be enough motivation to keep you from feeding your cats cereal.

Can kittens have cereal?

Kittens drink milk, right? Does that mean cereals are good for them? Well, no! Just as adult cats aren’t cut out to process such types of food, so also are the young kittens.

What kittens should feed on primarily is the mother cat’s milk? Not just any milk you can grab off the refrigerator. That’s why there are special kitten food formulas that you can easily mix to get your little balls of fur feeding well and growing healthily.

We get a lot of new cat owners to ask “can baby cats eat baby rice cereal? Well, yeah they’d eat it if you give them. But no, you shouldn’t give them. Apart from the fact that it’s just shaft to them with no benefit to their growth, kittens could also choke on food content like that. And no one wants that right?

Always and always stick to the recommended diet for kittens when you’re feeding them. If you’re a new pet owner and you’ve got no idea what to feed your young cats, simply consult a vet for the best cat food for kittens.

What should you feed your cats?

A lot of new cat adopters are left perplexed at the early stages of them raising them as pets. I know at these initial stages, most people are carried away by the cuteness and joy of having a new companion to take care of.

Soon enough, reality hits and they don’t know what to do. That’s why you see questions like what should I feed my new cat? Well, for starters, cat food.

That sounds funny but yeah, cat food is good food for cats. If you’re going to take a notch higher, then you should consider the type of cat food to get depending on the age and species of your cat.

On a general note, you should know that cat food is protein-based animal meat. This may be processed with the addition of varying quantities of valuable nutrients for your furry little friend.

But if you’re going to feed your cat any human food, it should only be as a treat. There are some human foods that are safe for cats to eat. Examples like meat, fish, pumpkin, melon, and a few other options prepared without salt or any additives.

What you shouldn’t feed your cats?

You should have it in mind that most human foods don’t pass as cat food. Majorly because of salts and other condiments we add to our food. So, you should be wary of giving your cat treats of food they shouldn’t be eating. Here are some examples you should never feed your cat; chocolate, onions, garlic, coffee, caffeine, tomatoes, uncooked meat, fruit seeds, and nuts.

Your main concern as a cat owner should be the health of your pets. The best way to show that you care for the little furballs is by feeding them quality food in the right quantity. That’s the best recipe for a happy and active cat that we all love.