Why do cats lift their bum when you pet them?

There are some seemingly strange behaviors cats exhibit that get cat owners worried. Questions like why do cats lift their Bum when you pet them? And some other seemingly funny questions come as a result of these cat behaviors.

A caring pet owner will ask questions as to the welfare of their cats. These questions are most valid if you would do well as regards taking care of your pets. Sometimes though, it seems like you are doing everything right but your pets still behave somehow or you do not understand what their gesture means.

In this article, we’ll clarify some behavior exhibited by cats and the best way to respond to them.

Why do cats lift their bum when you pet them?

First off, cats lifting their bum when you pet them is a good sign. It is a natural reflex to lift their butt when they are enjoying an activity. As I pointed earlier, cats do showcase some behaviors that look strange but they are not strange. You might even be surprised at how commonplace some of these behaviors are.

The parts of cats veterinarians have advised to pet a cat is the head, the chin, and the neck. These are places with lesser sensitivities. Due to different reasons, different cats do not respond the same way to petting. While cats are generally moody animals, some are moody than others.

Cats are naturally contented animals. This information is important in case you are wondering why your cat does not like playing. The ones that do play are choosy about who they play with. Most of the time, people are advised to let the cat take the first step. That way you know it is open to affection.

Even at that, you can’t just rush into petting the cat. Cats like humans have senses and some are more acute than others. The sense of feeling in a cat is the most acute. There are nerve endings all over the body. More in some places than the others. The paws, the tail, and the whiskers are particularly very sensitive.

When a cat is scratched in sensitive areas, the good response is a butt lift. The average response is no response. The bad response is the cat moving away from your touch. The Ugly response is an attack from the cat. An attack by the cat or the cat moving away will hurt the cat owner.

The mood of a cat usually sets the tone on whether it wants to be played with or not. Also, breeds of cats can determine how often they want to be played with. Cat owners are advised to know their pet’s traits. This can help your relationship with your cat.

Not all Cats respond with their butt in the air when it is happy. Some will simply purr. It is important to note that purring does not always mean pleasure. It can also indicate the cat is not comfortable. This emphasizes that there are different ways different cats show pleasure at being scratched.

It can range from an air-butt to bunting to purring or sometimes a healthy appetite. All in all, it is important to know your cat and the mood it is in before petting it. Also important is the fact that pleasure response varies from cat to cat. You just need to look in the right place.

Other Strange Cat Behaviors

Some seemingly strange cat behaviors might get the owner or an observer wondering. Why is it acting like that? You might consider them strange but this behavior might be more common in cats than you think.

These behaviors are mostly amusing and sometimes they might frighten the pet owner if he has never seen anything like it before. Of course, not all cat behaviors should be dismissed as trivial. It is always advisable to report to an animal doctor if strange behaviors are noticed.

I will be listing 10 strange behaviors that cats exhibit but are not harmful to either them or their owners.

Winking or Slow Blink
Also known as the cat-kiss eye. It’s the cat’s way of showing it is comfortable around you. It is usual for cats to slow blink their counterparts. Cats giving humans the cat-kiss eye means “I like you” You can simply return the slow blink with one of your own. It’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen your bond with your feline buddy.

This is believed to be an extension of mastered movements when the cats were kittens. Kittens often knead their mother’s breast for milk. Kneading in adult cats is commonly associated with satisfaction. It is important to note that kneading is done with the front two legs.

Head Butting
You are probably wondering “Do they”. Yes, they do. Cats do head butt but they do so in a caring and affectionate way. It is called Bunting. Cats usually do this with things they like or trust. In a way, they are rubbing their scent off on you. It likes some sort of marking inferring “ I like you. You are mine”.

Every cat owner probably knows this. A cat will roll on its back and expose its belly. What this means is that it is comfortable in that place or around you. It gets tricky though. The Belly expose is not permission for you to go and rub the belly.

Some cats will allow the belly rub while some will not. The Venus Cat trap is similar to this type of behavior. In this case, though, the cat attacks anyone that attempts to touch its belly. Exposing the belly for a cat is a sign of vulnerability, so only the most trusted are allowed to touch.

Eating Grass
Naturally, cats are carnivores. In a bid to get some greens though, they eat grass. Sometimes, Cat owners are advised to give their cats some leafy greens like spinach because of the nutrients in them. You should know that the greens they eat, they eat in small quantities. So when you want to feed your cat some greens, it is better to seek the advice of an animal nutritionist. We all know a balanced diet is a way to go.

Food Caching
This is a survival skill that is imprinted in the cat”s DNA. It simply means covering (or keeping) the food. Cats exhibit this behavior in many ways. This behavior arises from the need of the cat to keep the food from other animals or an instinct at tidiness. The Cat’s attempt at food caching can be scratching the ground around the food bowl or looking for shredded paper to cover the food.
It is technically called the flehmen response. Cats exhibit this behavior when they catch pheromones on their tongue against the roof of their mouth. Cats do leave their marks in any environment they visit. It is normal for cats to sense the presence of other cats in the environment.

Covering their Faeces
Domestic kittens are taught by their mothers how to cover their feces. In the wild, the bigger cats do cover their excrement to remove their scent. It is instinctual for cats to cover their faces. There are exceptions to this though.

In an attempt to mark its territory, a cat can decide to leave its poop out without covering it. Another reason the cat might not cover its feces is if it was not potty trained.

Butt Pose
Cats do ask for rubs or scratches by raising their butts. It will get into proximity with you then raise its tail exposing its butt to your face. A raised tail indicates trust to another cat. That is the cat saying “Have a go at sniffing my ass”. So when they put their tail in your face, you should know your cat trusts you. A nice rub will reciprocate the feeling.

Interrupting your work
One of the reasons for your cat interrupting your work could be jealousy. It wants to spend more time with you. Sometimes they jump on the keyboard or on the table you are working on.

Other Times they do this for the warmth associated with the computers. Some will even go to your workspace when you are not there. The best way to deal with a jealous pet is to give it more time. We all love attention from the right people.


Cats lifting their bum when you pet them is a positive sign. Not all cats react this way though. The point of all this is to know what to look for in your cat. If your cat has a strong bond with you, then it will enjoy you petting it. It might not just react the way you want. All in all, if you know what to look for, you will always enjoy petting your cat.